Union With Himself

“For it is clear that He does not reach out to help angels,
but to help Abraham’s offspring.” Hebrews 2:16 HCSB

God has to provide all the right circumstances for me to be able to create a blog post. A few weeks ago, He clearly stopped providing. As hard as it was for me to relent, I knew I could trust Him. I was beyond swamped in caring for my friend in “the valley.” Thankfully, I have managed to bring order out of chaos.

I will only be blogging once a week until I can successfully manage my obligations as a helpmeet to my husband, keeper of two homes (including the caregiving of my friend), and my cancer therapy. I will continue to post on Wednesdays aiming for morning, but the timing is always in God’s hands.

I am excited to say that in the absence of writing I found the creative energy to resume the design of my new blog site. The designer I originally hired was not the right person for the job. Please join me in praying for a new designer so I can move on with the plans.

Andrew Murray had me quite confused over some of his material at the end of chapter two in Hebrews. It prompted me to resume studying under a teacher who has guided this same study repeatedly for many years. You can find his website here. He recommends reading the book of Hebrews daily (or at the very least weekly) while working through this study. He points out any errors in Murray’s teaching in his live audio sessions (many of them are online; the others are available by request).

I am thrilled to be engaging in this study once again. We find ourselves reviewing in this excerpt titled “A High Priest Able to Succor” from Andrew Murray’s The Holiest of All:

In the first chapter we saw the writer quoting text after text from the Old Testament, in order that he might bring us to the full apprehension of the truth and the meaning of our Lord's divinity. In this chapter we see him in the same way, time after time, reiterate the fact of our Lord's humanity, lest we should not fully realize all that it means.

So it is here. He had just said, since the children were sharers of flesh and blood, He also Himself in like manner partook of the same. It is as if He feels the insufficiency of the words, and therefore once again repeats and confirms his statement: For verily not of angels doth He take hold, but He takes hold of the seed of Abraham. Man may have been made lower than the angels, but this honor have they not, that He took hold of them—He takes hold of the seed of Abraham.

And how doth He take hold? There is no way in which God can take hold of a creature other than by entering into him with His life and spirit, so imparting His own goodness and power, and bringing him into union with Himself. So did Jesus take hold of man. He entered into humanity and became one with it. And so he takes hold of individual souls by entering with each into personal union and fellowship.