A Living Faithful Helper

“For because He Himself [in His humanity] has suffered in being tempted (tested and tried), He is able [immediately] to run to the cry of (assist, relieve) those who are being tempted and tested and tried [and who therefore are being exposed to suffering].” 
Hebrews 2:18 Amplified Bible

I once heard that unless you can explain something simply you do not know it well enough. My goals for this blog include being able to explain salvation (or as Murray likes to say “so great a salvation”).

I have never mentioned before that I am dyslexic. It is very difficult for me to learn from books. I comprehend slowly, and retain little. Thankfully, scripture is “alive and active” (Hebrews 4:12). I have found that the word of God transfers off the page and into our hearts regardless of whether we understand everything about it. However, to explain something to others requires deep understanding.

The Old Testament story linking Jesus’ sacrifice for us was never explained to me as a new Christian. And because of the dyslexia I did not know how to go about connecting the dots. When I set out on this journey to find freedom in Christ huge parts of the big picture were missing for me.

I believe that frequently the gospel presentation is incomplete. I cannot help but think that if I can find a way to explain it simply, maybe it will help other people experience a deeper salvation as well. And that is what leads to freedom in Christ.

I love how Andrew Murray digs deep to discuss every angle. I do want to point out that the word succor here means so much more than simply help. It also means relief, comfort, and even rescue.

The following excerpt is titled “A High Priest Able to Succor,” from Andrew Murray’s classic The Holiest of All:

This is the greatest and most blessed part of His work in bringing us to God, that, as the Leader in the path of suffering and perfection, He inspires us with His own dispositions, and, by the mighty operation of His Spirit within us, gives us His help in every time of need. The one thing we need is, to know and trust Him fully.

To know Him as High Priest who not only has opened a way to God for us to walk in, and not only in heaven prays for us, but who undertakes to keep us so in fellowship with Himself, and under the covering of His power, and in the experience of His full redemption, that temptation can never conquer us.

His divinity secures to us His unfailing and never ceasing presence. His humanity assures us of His sympathy and compassion. More ever-present and more mighty than the temptation, His unfailing love is always near to give the victory. He can and will do it.

Our High Priest is a living, faithful helper: let us trust Him. Salvation is not a thing He gives us apart from Himself. Full salvation is nothing but Jesus Himself, most compassionately and most faithfully watching over us in daily life, most really and fully giving and living His life in us.

The abiding, indwelling presence of Jesus, able to succor, is the true secret of the Christian life. Faith will lead us into the experience that Jesus is and does all that is said of Him.