The Soul's One Desire

“For in bringing many sons to glory, it was entirely appropriate that God
--all things exist for Him and through Him—
should make the source of their salvation perfect through sufferings.”

I love this lesson; it may be my favorite yet. Last night I had to do something dreadful for my friend in “the valley.” I knew it was going to take me at least a couple of hours. I put on this attitude as a shawl before I left and even though it took four hours instead of two, it went surprisingly well. In fact, it was a pleasant experience.

Today I attended the funeral of one of my doctors. Since being diagnosed with cancer, I have watched three of my doctors’ die of the same disease. When I look at this startling fact, I am speechless. Several other people that I have been cheering on in their battle with cancer are slowly losing their fight, as well.

I am deeply humbled to have lived as long as I have despite my condition. While I hope for my healing, I will cling to this verse in a new light. I encourage you to do the same. Andrew Murray titles the following excerpt “For Whom and Through Whom Are All Things” in his classic The Holiest of All:

"All for God" "All through God." Jesus Christ has made it possible for us to make these our watchwords. In all aspirations after a closer walk with God, in all efforts after a purer, truer, higher life, they are the two poles between which the soul ought to move. They are the sure marks of that true scriptural mysticism, which has such attractions for all hungry souls, who long to know and please God perfectly.

All for God! Absolutely, without a moment, a thought, a word, a person, a possession, excepted; wholly for God, this becomes the soul's one desire. It has seen that God is worthy of this, that He claims it, and that in the very nature of things, nothing less can satisfy the heart God made to be filled with Himself.

All through God! The clearer the aim becomes to be all for God, and the deeper the soul sinks into its own emptiness and impotence, under the conviction that with man it is impossible, the sooner does faith rise to see that we can not only say, but that we do dare to say, All for God! Because we may also say, All through God! God Himself will work it in us.

This is the God who has revealed Himself to us in His Son. It became Him, for whom all things and through whom are all things, to make the Leader of our salvation perfect through sufferings. Let us worship Him! Let us adore Him! Let us offer Him the sacrifice of full allegiance and childlike dependence, as the words ring through heart and life— All For God! All Through God! God Is All.

The practice of the presence of God is a most needful and most blessed spiritual exercise. As the soul bows in stillness and lowliness, and worships in silence, it gets into the right spirit for recognizing its own nothingness, and realizing that God is all—that all is for Him, and all through Him.

All for God: that is consecration. All through God: that is faith. This was the spirit in which Christ yielded Himself to God: consecration and faith.

This was the God who perfected Christ. To know and honor God in this character is the secret of perfection, for in such He can do His work. This is the God who is leading many sons to glory; to know and honor Him is the path to glory. To reveal this God and His claims, to show how to give up everything to Him,—this was what Christ came for. This is the life He brought us, the path He opened, the salvation He gives.