The Divine Fellowship

Notice: Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am resigned to take a short time off. God willing, I will be back Wednesday, June 11th, 2014.

“For the One who sanctifies and those who are sanctified all have one Father.”

My friend in “the valley” kept nearly everything you could imagine. Books on subjects I never knew existed; military journals from Libya; thousands of photos of planes, trains, and various histories; and every piece of correspondence received as an adult. As I comb through his belongings and feel his life slipping away, I cannot find one single book that I gifted to him about Christ. From a man who saved everything he clearly rejected Him.

I have had many conversations with him regarding my concerns. Recently, I suggested he go to a Bible study in his new senior residence (unbeknownst to him the lovely home is run by Mennonites). He started ranting about why he did not think it was appropriate to have someone teach him what he or she “thought” about the Bible. And how every teacher on television, along with every preacher in a church taught something different.

I then said, “what if the only real way to God is Jesus, and the Bible is all about Jesus.” He then said he did not need someone peering over his shoulder to study it. To which I replied, “I bought you a Bible, how about you study it for yourself?” I convinced him how fascinating the history is (he was a history major). I am thrilled to say he accepted my challenge. After 20 years of suggestion, I could not be more thrilled to be his coach.

We had a very long hard day yesterday; therefore, our lesson today is brief. Andrew Murray titles the following excerpt “Jesus Calls Us Brethren” from the classic The Holiest of All:

The word Holy is one of the deepest in Scripture. It means a great deal more than separated or consecrated to God. The Triune God is the Thrice-Holy One: Holiness is the deepest mystery of His Being, the wondrous union of His righteousness and His love. To be holy is to be in fellowship with God, possessed of Him.

Therefore the Spirit specially bears the name of Holy, because He is the bearer to us of the love of God, and the maintenance of the divine fellowship is His special work. Jesus is the Holy One of God, who makes us holy in filling us with His Holy Spirit.

The difference between Jesus and us is great—the oneness is greater. He and we are of one, together partakers of God's life and God's holiness. Let us give abundant heed to so great salvation.