A Work Done Within Us

“He [Jesus] came and proved what the life of man was meant to be—how humility and subjection to God were the sure path to glory and honor. He came and glorified a life of humiliation as the training school for the exaltation to the right hand of God; fulfilling man's destiny in Himself as Son of Man, He, as Son of God, fulfilled it for us too.” Andrew Murray

My friend in the valley is a giver in every sense of the word. I watched him give nearly everything he had to others in need. He did not even have a decent chair to sit in, until now. However, he has fallen through the cracks of society. His income is too high to qualify for aid, but too low to pay for the care he needs. His body and mind are a crippled shell of his former self.

However, what Murray emphasizes in this lesson about humility and subjection to God not only solidifies what God has already shown me in my own life, it gives me hope for my friend. Because even though he has a heart of gold, his heart is missing its chief ingredient, Jesus. But as a broken man he is in the perfect position to receive all that Christ has to offer.

Andrew Murray taught me the most about humility when I studied the Beatitudes. His way with words continues to astound me. The following excerpt titled “The World Made Subject To Man, Not To Angels” is from Andrew Murray’s classic The Holiest of All:

It was by His union with us in our life in the flesh, by His identifying Himself with our nature, that Jesus was able to claim and to work out and enter into possession of the glory God had promised to man. It is by our receiving His nature, and identifying ourselves with Him in this life on earth and in heaven, that what He has achieved for us can really become ours.

Let us here, at the very outset of our Epistle, get well hold of the truth that what Christ does for us as our Leader, our Priest, our Redeemer, is not anything external. All that God works in nature in heaven or on earth, in the stars or in the trees, He does from within, by laws that pervade their whole existence.

All that Adam wrought in us is from within, by a power that rules our inmost life. And all that Christ does for us, whether as Son of God or Son of Man, is equally and entirely a work done within us. It is when we know that He is one with us and we with Him, even as was the case with Adam, that we shall know how truly our destiny will be realized in Him. His oneness with us is the pledge, our oneness with Him the power, of our redemption.

Thy destiny, O man, is to sit with Jesus on His throne. Live as one preparing for it. Cultivate a royal spirit. Abide in Him: He will abide in thee.