The Life And Love Of God

“So He became higher in rank than the angels,
just as the name He inherited is superior to theirs.”

As we continue our study of The Holiest of All by Andrew Murray, my goal is to reach the place where this journey began last year in the next 30 weeks. This means we will need to cover two chapters a week. The foundation laid in the beginning was fundamental, now we pick up the pace.

Mr. Murray points out that in the Epistle of Hebrews we mostly see the text quoted as if it were coming from God Himself as opposed to the way the rest of the New Testament is written. He goes on to say we must never forget that all Scripture is God’s word. Through His Spirit, He spoke in the prophets, and all Scripture has the power of God dwelling in it.

With this firm belief, there are two things necessary to the study of Hebrews:

1)     These words of God contain a divine depth of meaning which the human mind could never have understood or explained.

2)     The seeds planted by the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and opened by that same Spirit in the New Testament, still need the teaching of the Spirit to make them life and truth to us.

As I suspected, this phase of our research on freedom in Christ is proving to be the most enlightening. We finish our review with an excerpt entitled “The Son of God more than the Angels” from his classic book The Holiest of All:

It is God who must shine in our hearts to give the knowledge of His glory in the face of Jesus Christ. Christ is the Word, "that was God," that speaks to us as coming out of the depth of God's heart, a living person; it is only the heart that yields to be led by the Holy Spirit that can expect to profit by the teaching of the word, and truly to know Christ in His divine saving power.

The truths of Christ's sonship and divinity and priesthood and redemption were given in charge to the Holy Spirit; He revealed them from time to time; He alone can reveal them to us. To the written words all have free access; our mind can see their purport [intent], but their life and power and blessing, the glory of the Son of God as a power of salvation — this is given to none but those who wait humbly on God's Spirit to teach them.

The angels brought wonderful messages from God of old: but God is now drawing far nearer to thee, and waiting to speak in a far more wonderful and blessed way, by revealing the eternal Word in thy heart.

Words and wonders, these angels could bring. But to bring the life and the love of God, and give it in the heart—this the Son alone can do. But He does it. Christ is the divine nature manifesting and communicating itself; I have no contact with Christ or God in Him, but as I receive Him, as the divine nature imparting itself, as manifested in His human life, and will, and character.

If l were favored this day with the visit of an angel—what a privilege I would count it. But Christ, the Son at the right hand, will not only visit but will dwell in me. O my soul, rise to thy privileges: God speaks to thee in His Son.