The Excellence Of The Son

“For to which of the angels did He ever say, You are My Son; 
today I have become Your Father, or again, 
I will be His Father, and He will be My Son?” 

As we move on in our study of The Holiest of All, we find Andrew Murray pleading with us to understand a certain point before continuing:

It is because Christ is the Son of God that He is higher than the angels, and that the New Testament is so much higher than the Old. If we would grasp the teaching, and get the blessing of our Epistle, and indeed become partakers of the inner power and glory of the redemption Christ hath brought, we must tarry here in deep humility until God reveals to us what it means, that His only Son has become our Savior.

The infinite excellence of the Son above the angels is the measure of the excellence of that heavenly life He brings and gives within us. The angels could tell of God and of life. The Son has, the Son is, that life of God, and gives it. He that hath the Son, hath life.

Before now I had never considered the word beget. It means to procreate or generate (offspring). Murray uses this word repeatedly in this chapter to describe the different aspects of how God brings into existence this process of reproduction in our lives. The life of the Son of God in us.

I hope you take the time to stop and consider all of the fascinating connections he is implying. His suggestion to “tarry” means that we remain here lingering, waiting in expectation. I did so because I had to ponder the text for my publication. The revelation forever changed me.

I encourage you to search the scripture references for more detail; you can find the entire text here. The following excerpt is from The Holiest of All entitled “The Son – The Only Begotten” by Andrew Murray:

It was by being begotten of God, by a divine birth, that Christ became the Son. In eternity it was a birth; in the resurrection it was a birth from the dead. And so it is only by a divine birth that the Son, that the love of God, can enter and possess us. It is by an eternal generation that the Son is God. In eternity there is no past; what God is and does is all in the infinite power of an ever-present now.

And so it is in the power of that eternal generation that the Father begetteth us in His Son (I John 5 1-18), and begetteth His Son in us; that the Father speaks the eternal Word to us and in us. The Word of God is the Son, coming from the heart of the Father, spoken into our hearts, and dwelling there. The Son is the Love of God; as the Son, so the Love of God is begotten within us, making us, by a new birth, partakers of its own nature and blessedness.

The Son is a Son only in the power of a divine birth. And that not only in eternity, and in the resurrection, but in our heart too. This is the mystery of the divine life: let us bow in deep impotence and ignorance, and wait on God Almighty to reveal the Son to us.

The Son is the Word, because the divine speaking is but another aspect of the divine begetting. Speaking to us in His Son is all in the power of a divine life. The speaking, just as the begetting, is love imparting and communicating itself in divine power as an inward life, it is by God speaking to us in the First Begotten that we are begotten of God.