Partakers Of His Anointing

“Eternal is that which each moment and always exists in its full strength, immovable, unchangeable. "We receive a kingdom that cannot be moved," because our King is God, and His kingdom for ever and ever. The rule of Christ our Priest-King, even now, in our souls, is in the power of an endless, an imperishable life: the faith that receives this will experience it.”
Andrew Murray

Our lesson continues to empower me as I walk through the valley with my friend. Before this happened, my life was stretched in every possible way. I had no additional space for stress, strain, or demands upon my energy. Somehow, God expanded my boundaries.

As I contemplate Christ as God, the King eternal with an everlasting dominion, I realize that the beginning of time (creation), today and forever are somehow all the same. Practicing the essence of time in this new light has enabled me to allow God to carry me through circumstances beyond my ability.

Each time I am tempted to fret, I bring myself back to this dominion, and I find that it is always the same. It is me who wavers. His influence, His power, His authority, is constant and steady. And even more He fills this place inside me with peace and joy.

The following is an excerpt titled “The Son Himself God” from Andrew Murray’s classic The Holiest of All:

Therefore God, Thy God, hath anointed Thee with the oil of joy above Thy fellows. He is an anointed King. Therefore, because He loved righteousness and hated iniquity, therefore God anointed Him. When He ascended to heaven, and sat down on the right hand of the throne, He received from the Father anew and in fullest measure, as the Son of Man, the gift of the Holy Ghost to bestow on His people (Acts ii. 33).

That Spirit was to Him the oil of joy, the joy that had been set before him, the joy of His crowning day when He saw of the travail of His soul. An anointing above His fellows, for there was none like Him; God gave Him the Spirit without measure.

And yet for His fellows, His redeemed, whom, as Head, He had made members of His body. They become partakers of His anointing and His joy. As He said, "The Lord hath anointed Me to give the oil of joy." Christ, our King, our God, is anointed with the oil of joy, anointed, too, to give the oil of joy: His kingdom is one of everlasting gladness, of joy unspeakable and full of glory.

O ye souls, redeemed by Christ, behold your God! the Son in whom the Father speaks. Let this be the chief thing you live for—to know, to honor, to serve your God and King. This is the Son in whom God speaks to you in all the divine mystery, but also in all the divine power and blessing, which marks all God's speaking. Let our hearts open wide to receive the King God hath given us.