My Creator Is My Redeemer

“And: In the beginning, Lord, You established the earth,
and the heavens are the works of Your hands;
they will perish, but You remain.
They will all wear out like clothing;
You will roll them up like a cloak,
and they will be changed like a robe.
 But You are the same, and Your years will never end.”

In chapter eight of his book The Holiest of All, Andrew Murray continues to stress the importance of our understanding of the divinity of Christ. Here is his opening:

COME and hearken once more to what the divine message has to tell us of the glory of the Son, in whom the Father speaks to us. Come and see how truly He is one with God, and shares with him all His glory. The deeper our insight into the true Godhead of our Lord Jesus Christ, His perfect oneness with God, the more confident shall we be that He will, in a divine power, make us partakers of His work, His life, His indwelling.

Thankfully, the winds have shifted in my walk through the valley with my friend. I was facing the hardest decision I have ever had to make regarding every facet of his life. For weeks, it felt as if I were sailing against the wind as I processed through information. For now, it feels as if I have the wind in my sails. 

God was beyond faithful to carry me; what I learned will be forever cherished. With each moment, I have learned to trust God and His power within me. My faith has grown.

The following excerpt titled “The Son – The Everlasting Creator” is from Andrew Murray’s book The Holiest of All:

Christ, thy Redeemer, is the everlasting and unchangeable One: hast thou heard Him speak? "l, Jehovah, change not; therefore ye are not consumed," and learnt to trust Him as the One who is each moment to thee all that He can be, and who will, without variation or shadow of turning, maintain in never ceasing power His life within thee?

Oh learn that God saw it needful to speak to thee through none other than such a One as could reach the heart and fill it with the power of His eternal Word. The Almighty Son, through whom God hath created all things, who upholdeth and filleth all things by the word of His power; this is He who will even so, in the power of His Godhead, uphold and fill thy whole life and being. Thy Creator is thy Redeemer!

One great cause of feebleness and backsliding in the Christian life is the power of circumstances. We often say that temptations that come to us from our position in life, from the struggle to live, from the conduct of our fellow-men, draw us away from God, and are the cause of our falling into sin. lf we but believed that our Redeemer is our Creator!

He knows us; He appoints and orders our lot; nothing that comes to us but what He has in His hands. He has the power to make our circumstances, however difficult, a heavenly discipline, a gain and a blessing. He has taken them all up into the life-plan He has for us as Redeemer. Did we but believe this, how we should gladly meet every event with the worship of an adoring faith. My Creator, who orders all, is my Redeemer, who blesses all.