The Heavenly Sanctuary

One of my favorite authors is Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896). Technically, she could be considered the very first Christian Life Coach. She wrote over 30 books, with my favorite being The American Woman's Home.

The more I study her books and life I realize that Harriet and I have a great deal in common. Besides the fact that she loved teaching women how to see to the health of their family’s needs in detail, she had the opportunity to witness the brutality of slavery first hand. She developed a deep compassion for those trapped in a life of slavery.

My favorite commentary to the title verse of this blog (II Cor. 3:17) is from Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible:

And where the Spirit of the Lord is – wherever this Gospel is received, there the Spirit of the Lord is given; and wherever that Spirit lives and works, there is liberty, not only from Jewish bondage, but from the slavery of sin – from its power, its guilt, and its pollution.

My passion is to see people follow Christ and be set free from the slavery of sin in all of its manifestations.

Andrew Murray had a great deal to say about the subject of freedom in Christ. However, he does not call it freedom; he preferred to use words such as joy, strength, victory, and life.

In Murray’s book The Holiest of All, his object is to teach us the knowledge in the Epistle of Hebrews that will show us how to follow the Lord fully, yield ourselves completely, and find in the gospel and in Christ everything that we need for this life.

I am expecting great things from this journey into Hebrews. I now present the final excerpt from the introduction into The Holiest of All:

It is Jesus Christ we must know better. It is He who lives today in heaven, who can lead us into the heavenly sanctuary, and keep us there, who can give heaven into our heart and life.

The knowledge of Jesus in His heavenly glory and His saving power; it is this our Churches and our Christians need. lt is this the Epistle will bring us, if we yield to that Spirit who speaks in it, to reveal it in us.

lt is therefore with great confidence that l invite all who long for the rest of God, for a life in the holiest of God's love, for the fullness of faith and hope and love, to take up the study of the Epistle, with the confident assurance of finding in its revelation of what Christ and His salvation are, the deliverance from sin and sloth, the joy and the strength of a new life.