The Higher Truth

The contemplation of the words of Andrew Murray in his preface to the book The Holiest of All have begun to echo through my soul. Clearly, it meant a great deal to him.

The Book of Hebrews has been referred to as the “fifth Gospel.” The four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, describe what Jesus did while He was on earth. This fifth Gospel shows what Jesus Christ is doing now, in Heaven (source unknown).

Personally, I have never been able to read the Epistle of Hebrews without weeping. While I hope that never changes, I am excited to break through to the deeper truths that make this Epistle so special.

At first, it seemed ridiculous that I was encountering so many obstacles to getting this study started; now I realize that the wisdom in Mr. Murray’s preface is a beautiful foundation to build upon.

Therefore, I present to you part III in the preface to our study of The Holiest of All, by Andrew Murray:

The cure the Epistle has for all our failures and feebleness, the one preservative from all danger and disease, is—the knowledge of the higher truth concerning Jesus, the knowledge of Him in His heavenly priesthood.

In connection with this truth, the writer has three great mysteries he seeks to unfold. The one is that the heavenly sanctuary has been opened to us, so that we may now come and take our place there, with Jesus in the very presence of God.

The second, that the new and living way by which Jesus has entered, the way of self-sacrifice and perfect obedience to God, is the way in which we now may and must draw nigh.

The third, that Jesus, as our heavenly High Priest, is the minister of the heavenly sanctuary, and dispenses to us its blessings, the spirit and the power of the heavenly life, in such a way that we can live in the world as those who are come to the heavenly Jerusalem, and in whom the spirit of heaven is the spirit of all their life and conduct; the heavenly priesthood of Jesus, heaven opened to us day by day, our entering it by the new and living way, and heaven entering us by the Holy Spirit.

Such is the gospel to the Hebrews the Epistle brings, such is the life to which it reveals the way and the strength. The knowledge of the heavenly character of Christ's person and work is what alone can make heavenly Christians, who, amid all the difficulties and temptations of life on earth, can live as those whom the superior power of the upper world has possessed, and in whom it can always give the victory.