Introducing Frank Viola

If you have never heard of Christian author, blogger, teacher Frank Viola, then I would like this opportunity to introduce you to him. He is a strong presence in my life, and even though we have never met personally, I consider him not just a brother in Christ but also a friend.

Here is a little bit about Frank from his own website:

Most Christians know that something is wrong with contemporary Christianity. They want to break free from the tyranny of the status quo. The two alternatives that dominate Christian culture today is spiritual complacency on the one hand or performance-based religiosity on the other. 

Modern-day Christianity is 10 miles wide and one inch deep.

You can read more about him here:

Here are a handful of his most recent popular blog posts:

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And my personal favorite:

Why Calvinists live like Arminians & Arminians pray like Calvinists

You will now be able to find him on my links page as well.