Comfort In The Gospel Of Christ

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." Matthew 5:4

Monday’s bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston, MA, are tragic reminders of the brokenness in our fallen world.

As I observed our nation grieve again for those who suffered the loss of loved ones and permanent physical and emotional disabilities because of another tragic act of violence, I wonder how long it will be until most everyone returns to life as if nothing happened.

Yet every single day we have reason to mourn the tragedy that is lived for many in our broken world. Sinfulness influences everything.

What if every morning we took the brokenness of our lives, our neighborhoods, and our world to our knees and mourned over everything that is being lost every moment:

The hidden pain that goes on behind closed doors in the privacy of homes where life is supposed to be loving and safe.

The people who are sick, suffering and dying and have been left alone by society because it is just too painful to watch.

Every murder, rape, and mugging.

The bombings that are regularly exploding in other counties.

The sex trafficking and other forms of human slavery that is existent, horrific, and growing.

The poverty in our world that is deep and invasive.

Obviously, I could go on. The point is that this world is in a condition of moral decay. Some people are indifferent; some are rebellious. For those Christ offers no blessing.

However, for those of us who deplore the evil of the times there is comfort in the gospel of Christ.

I have posted the following text from John Gills Exposition of the Entire Bible before, but it is a beautiful reminder:

Blessed are they that mourn ... For sin, for their own sins; the sin of their nature, indwelling sin, which is always working in them, and is a continual grief of mind to them;

The unbelief of their hearts, notwithstanding the many instances, declarations, promises, and discoveries of grace made unto them;

Their daily infirmities, and many sins of life, because they are committed against a God of love, grace, and mercy, grieve the Spirit, and dishonour the Gospel of Christ:

Who mourn also for the sins of others, for the sins of the world, the profaneness and wickedness that abound in it…

These, how sorrowful and distressed so ever they may appear, are blessed for they shall be comforted:

Here in this life, by the God of all comfort, by Christ the comforter;

By the Spirit of God, whose work and office it is to comfort;

By the Scriptures of truth, which are written for their consolation;

By the promises of the Gospel, through which the heirs of promise have strong consolation;

By the ordinances of it, which are breasts of consolation;

And by the ministers of the word, who have a commission from the Lord to speak comfortably to them;

And then are they comforted, when they have the discoveries of the love of God, manifestations of pardoning grace, through the blood of Christ, and enjoy the divine presence:

And they shall be comforted hereafter; when freed from all the troubles of this life, they shall be blessed with uninterrupted communion with Father, Son, and Spirit, and with the happy society of angels and glorified saints…