Jesus Knew He Had Come To Die

What is freedom in Christ?

We find one example in the Spirit Filled Life Student Bible:

Jesus was on target, He knew that He had come into the world to be a living sacrifice for the sins of humankind. Jesus knew that the only way people could be set free was through His death. He shocked His disciples by giving them some clues about His betrayal by men and His death (see Luke 9:44).

Jesus Christ was on a divine mission, and that mission was to be the Lamb of God who would be slain for the sins of the world. When it finally came time to face crucifixion, Jesus was not caught off guard, for this was why He had come.

I am battling advanced cancer and for many years, God has had me on a quest for freedom. I use several different study bibles and they frequently use the words set free, or freedom in their teaching. Listen to this from the Spirit Filled Life Student Bible:

It is God’s desire to enter every aspect of a person’s life and fill it with Himself. A person is sanctified when he commits every aspect of his life exclusively to Jesus. A person who is sanctified by God’s Holy Spirit is set free at the deepest dimensions of his life and is released into fruitfulness.

See, there it is again. Set free. I have experienced this freedom in varying degrees. I really want to be able to define it so that I can leave this as my legacy. Needless to say I want to achieve it. Is there anything we can do to speed up the process? Will it be painful?

My prayer is that this little blog will be used by God to teach of His wonderful plan for each of His children. To set us free and make us fruitful.

I get many people from other countries visit this blog. I cannot help but wonder if everyone already knows Jesus? So along the way I want to address some of those things as well, some of the confusing words Christians use.

Why do I need a savior? Why was a sacrifice necessary? What does Lamb of God mean? What does the blood have to do with it?

I am hoping to grow in my writing skills as well so please be patient with me in this area. I really do not know anything about writing however, God has put this mission on my heart in a big way, so I am sure He will help me with the details.

If you are not walking in the freedom that Christ died for us to have, then come along and see how amazing His power is to set us free.